Fury Over Footpath Delays

11 Jan 2011

Fury over footpath delays

Fury Over Footpath Delays

By Laura Wakely (Star News Group)

11th January 2011 02:05:11 AM

KILMORE residents are fed up with the Mitchell Shire Council over a lack of response to basic infrastructure requests.

Access Around Kilmore (ARK) campaigner Amy Bell has been pushing the council for years for a footpath on O'Grady's Rd, while a College Views estate resident has started to get the ball rolling for a Sutherland St path in the last few months.

The council has addressed both Ms Bell's and the College Views residents' petitions, but each of the footpaths is only “recommended for consideration” in the budget.

A Mannagum Park Estate resident, who did not want to be named, told Star that she first contacted the council about the deteriorating state of footpaths in Kilmore almost seven years ago and never heard back.

A morning walker, the resident said she had made the council aware of a raised section of footpath in Centenary Drive “ages ago”, but again, never received a reply.

The resident, who is elderly, injured her hand after falling on this damaged section of path and again contacted Mitchell Shire last month.

“The council came up here and had a look and they've tar-sealed a little strip on either side and spray-painted 'replaced' on the ground,” the resident said.

“Well, all the tar has already started breaking away and it's worse to walk on now.

“It's as though they just did it to shut us up for a while.”

The resident has joined the ARK campaign and says she hopes Ms Bell can make some headway on the footpath problem.

While the resident acknowledged the council had limited funding available, she found it “unfathomable” that Kilmore footpaths had not been maintained for seven years.

“It's time the council did something,” the resident said.

“We pay our rates and what are we getting for them? Goat tracks.”

Star contacted the Mitchell Shire asking the council to explain the lack of action on footpaths.

Council failed to respond before going to print.