Friends of Edward Street (FOES)

Friends of Edward Street (FOES) is an incorpororated group that has grown from a few local residents interested in caring for the Edward street landscape to a significant number of members keen to establish a long term organisation.

FOES applied for a Seeding Grant from Moreland City Council for its 'FOES makes friends' project, which would allow FOES to firmly establish itself as a group and work with our community to develop the skills required to sustain the landscape and community values of the local area.

The purpose of this project is to bring the local Edward Street and surrounding neighbourhood together in a community building project that will:

1. Strengthen the health, welfare, and well-being of local residents through activities that will bring together people of diverse ages, ethnicities, abilities and life stages and that will foster and celebrate community spirit and connectedness.

2. Provide an opportunity for residents of Edward St and surrounding streets to participate together in community food & habitat gardening; creating public art; construction of raised beds, nest boxes and benches; & cooking and eating!

3. Further develop the landscape values already established in Edward Street to demonstrate to the wider Moreland community the benefits of caring for your own environment -- both for the environment and for those who use it.

Please visit us on Facebook for news about our activities.