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Our Walking Maps attracted almost 1 million visits in 2020, with hundreds of thousands of Australians using the site for information about where to walk.

Walking is by far the most popular recreational activity in Australia. Our individual digital maps look great on mobile devices and PCs, and provide a cost-effective way to create attractive, user-friendly and shareable maps to draw foot traffic and recreational walkers. Our maps make great content for social media and newsletters.

You can use the site to help people discover what your region has to offer; natural assets, walking trails and local businesses or services. Encouraging walking is a positive, healthy and uplifting way to connect with your audience. Sponsored maps also help us with our valuable mission to get more people walking more every day.

Contact Victoria Walks' staff about a range of options to suit your objectives including how we can help to promote walks, measure views and how maps can link back to your organisation. Also see our resource for councils and organisations that wish to create their own digital walking maps.

Government: promoting locals walks for community health

Victoria Walks Walking Maps product

Victoria Walks has worked with a number of local councils to map walking trails to promote physical activity and community connection. Past projects include creating a range of walking maps with LaTrobe City Council to highlight the area's great recreational walking opportunities. We've also partnered with local governments and other organisations to map safe and appealing walking routes to schools, universities and community services.

Local tourism - put it on the map

Victoria Walks Our Services mapping walks with Walking Maps website

Harness walking's mass appeal by highlighting your region's spectacular trails, dog-friendly parks and businesses - or simply provide curated walking maps as a great service to customers and visitors. Walks can be mapped anywhere in Australia. Our maps can link back to your organisation's websites, or be embedded.

Agencies, organisations, developers

Victoria Walks Mapping Walks service.

Victoria Walks has worked with Parks Victoria to encourage walking in local and National Parks. Another project with Melbourne Water involved mapping and photographing the Yarra trails to increase community engagement in strategic planning projects along our waterways.