Rossmoyne Street

Rossmoyne Street Thornbury was initially established by local residents seeking to reduce traffic and dangerous driving on their street. With support from Darebin Council's 'Drive with your Heart' pilot program, they organised a street party and have since held Rossmoyne Street Rummage, a street long garage sale over 2.5km! They've also established a Facebook page and an Instagram page.

With greater activity, colour and interaction on the street, residents say Rossmoyne Street is becoming less like a traffic corridor and more like a living space. They wouldn't say the case has been solved - with more work to do to change driver behaviour - but residents feel they've made a brilliant start.Ongoing events the Rossmoyne Rummage, an annual Christmas Carols event, planter boxes, screcrow competition and street furniture. The group also successfully advocated for a  car share bay to the street with adjacent bike parking.

To follow the group and to get involved check out their social media accounts (links above).