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Year 7 Unit cover Year 7 Unit    Place and Liveability


The aim of this unit is for students to gain an understanding of the liveability of places, what liveability means to them and how this term can be applied to their local neighbourhood through walkability. It will allow students to investigate aspects of liveability including community safety, walkability and how young people can enhance the liveability of place and improve their connectedness to and identity with their community.

Year 9 Unit cover Year 9 Unit    Geographies of Interconnections


The aim of this unit outline is for students to gain an understanding of how people are connected to places in a wide variety of ways, and how these connections help to make and change places and their environments. Through an understanding of walkability, students will investigate perceptions of places, the effects of their leisure choices on places and implications for the future of these places.

 VCAL Personal Development unit


VCAL strand: Personal Development Skills

Students will develop knowledge specific to the personal health and wellbeing of people by participating in a series of activities that relate to walkability within their local community. Students will research walkability on the Victoria Walks website, develop, create and publish on the Walking Maps website, complete a walking audit for their Walking Map and then take appropriate action to improve walkability for members of the community who use their Walking Map


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