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Ben Rossiter at the Creating Healthy Cities Summit, 2016

Need to inspire your team or organisation to join one of the largest global movements? Want to ignite real change when it comes to walking and walkability? Want to launch a new service or product related to liveable communities? Or do you simply want something refreshingly different at your next conference or event?

Founding Victoria Walks Executive Officer Dr Ben Rossiter, lives, and breathes liveable inclusive communities and walkability. He has been a no-nonsense voice espousing walking in a maelstrom of information and angst about declining activity and wellbeing for the past decade.

As one of Australia’s leading advocates for walking Ben’s optimism is inspiring and contagious and he reminds us that “walking, it’s the so obvious it’s invisible’  answer to many of the ills facing cities, communities and individuals in today’s world.”

Drawing on an extensive evidence base, and upon learned experience of successful health promotion strategies, our staff can truly inspire and engage your audience, community or organisation to embrace and support active living. Contact us to discuss your event.

“Walking is the first thing an infant wants to do and the last thing an old person wants to give up.” John Butcher