Communities growing together

Like Victoria Walks, community gardens are all about grass-roots involvement (if you’ll pardon the pun).  They bring people together to work for a common goal, and encourage people to think about how they might improve their immediate environment so that it’s healthier, more attractive, more enjoyable and more sustainable.

Cultivating Community is a not-for-profit organisation that has evolved from community garden projects in inner-city housing estates.  The organisation works hard to promote and support the development of community gardens right across Victoria – and they’re achieving some great things.

They provide support to 17 community gardens around Victoria.  Some are tiny, hidden plots that are worked by a handful of residents, and others are major community drawcards, becoming the focus for events and celebrations every year.

These gardens engage children and older people, and everyone in between, as well as people from all races and backgrounds.

Community gardens offer a welcome oasis from the hustle of daily life and a regular shot of gentle physical activity – and a regular supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, too, of course.

Below you can see a YouTube slide show of Veg Out Community Garden is St Kilda.

Audit 1738 Community Gardens can be great places to walk to and get to know your neighbours.