2017 7 Jul

Crossings save lives

NSW report shows the risk of traffic lights with missing pedestrian crossings

2017 4 Jul

How effective are we?

Case studies review the influence of Victoria Walks' work

2017 27 Jun

Cycling on footpaths gets the thumbs down

Authorities queue up to dismiss Bicycle Network proposal

Brimbank Park Nature Trail

Set in very beautiful and picturesque surroundings, Brimbank Park is home to a diverse range of native flora and fauna.

Tidal River to Squeaky Beach return

This is one of the most popular walks in Wilsons Promontory. Starts at Tidal River and passes over the ridge separating Norman Bay to Squeaky Beach at Leonard Bay.

Eastern Beach to Rippleside

A favourite walk along the Geelong waterfront from Eastern Beach to Rippleside, walk it in half an hour or spend the day doing so.

O'Shannassay's Aquaduct trail

A beautiful and refreshing walk, especially on warm days from Millgrove to Warburton along O'Shannassy's Aqueduct.