Conference to learn the lessons of Vancouver

17 Dec 2019

Victoria Walks is proud to announce Dale Bracewell, the Manager of Transportation Planning for the City of Vancouver, as our first international keynote speaker for the Smart Urban Futures conference in April 2020.

Over recent decades Vancouver has been one of the leading lights of integrated land and transport planning in North America. The City has increased the share of daily travel by walking, cycling or public transport so quickly that they reached their target of 50% by 2020 five years ahead of schedule.

Dale leads the citywide and community planning implementation of Transportation 2040, Vancouver’s long range transport plan. He previously led the City’s Active Transportation team responsible for the city’s pedestrian, bicycle, and greenways networks, as well as Vancouver’s transportation planning and operations for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, one of the largest stage events in the world. Dale has presented Vancouver’s transport success to a range of international audiences, most recently the Smart Mobility Congress in Barcelona.

With global warming demanding more attention than ever, Dale will present to the Smart Urban Futures conference on better transport as a response to the climate crisis. The scale of mobility changes required to be successful in a major urban city need to be bolder than ever.

Dale’s presentation to the conference will explain:

  • How the City of Vancouver is stepping up to the climate crisis through its Greenest City I Climate Emergency plan in transforming how Vancouverites will get around by 2030;
  • The City’s three Big Moves related to transport (walkable communities; safe and convenient active transportation and transit; and zero emission cars, trucks and buses);
  • Walking-specific actions being taken and how the City is scaling up public transport planning over the next decade.

The Smart Urban Futures conference is a collaboration between Victoria Walks and the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV). It will be held at the Angliss Conference Centre in Melbourne on 29 and 30 April 2020.

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