Are you ready to be a walkability champion?

Victoria Walks is proud to engage with thousands of Victorians who support us in our mission for more Victorians walking every day.

Like you, they browse our website, use our tools and resources, read our Footprints newsletter, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, campaign with a walkability action group, or use Walking Maps.

We are seeking however to identify walkability champions, being those we can call on for support to increase the number of Victorians walking and to make our neighbourhoods more walkable.

Walkability champions will be able to select how they would like to be involved. Opportunities may include:

  • support Victoria Walks in a submission
  • contribute to a campaign (e.g. increase funding for walking, slow traffic speeds in high pedestrian areas)
  • feature in a media piece
  • support a walkability advocacy effort in their local area
  • attend professional development and networking events

If you are a walkability champion and would like the opportunity to support Victoria Walks in these ways, please complete the form below.

Walkability Champion Registration Form

Please complete the following information to register as a Victoria Walks Walkability Champion.
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Your details are confidential and will not be made available to anyone without your consent.
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