Warrnambool Walks!

Warrnambool loves to walk, the recent recreation survey noted that walking is the highest recreational pursuit of its citizens. With the new sustainable transport strategy being developed in 2009 we look forward to see more walkers commuting.

Youth Leadership Travel Planning

There has been little research on travel planning in High Schools in the world. Warrnambool City Council in partnership with Bicycle Victoria, Victoria Walks and Department of Transport aim to pilot a school travel planning leadership program, one of the first in Victoria.

Long term community outcomes:

  • To create neighbourhoods which are easy to walk and cycle through
  • Provide opportunities for students to reduce their environmental impact and improve
    health and wellbeing
  • Reduce the impact of Warrnambool’s population growth by reducing car volumes and
    speeds around the school precinct

School outcomes:

  • To work with local agencies to reduce the impact of increased car volumes around the school precinct
  • To build students’ skills in team building, program development and implementation
  • Give students experiences working with professionals in industry
  • To create travel planning programs which are planned, developed and implemented by students with support from Warrnambool City Council.

Student outcomes - For all interested students to be involved:

  • To have a document at the end of the program which can be used as a reference for job applications and a certificate from the Mayor of Warrnambool
  • To have links to industry and skills which can be utilised at school and work
  • Make a difference to the local environment.


Healthy Moves

Healthy Moves is a Warrnambool City Council initiative - a simple project to encourage school children to be active, healthy and involved in their community.

The project is aimed at getting kids to use their feet and legs to get to school and to learn ways in which to be move active, healthier and safe on streets and roads.  Some of the great activities include:

  • Active transport to school including a healthy breakfast/fruit stop.
  • Walk on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Friends just getting together.
  • Travel diaries.
  • Event days like Ride2School, Walk Safely to School and Walk to School.


Nicole Wood, Sustainable Transport Officer developed the Healthy Moves Step by Step Guide.  This guide highlights the resources she used to assist schools to encourage students to walk / bike to school.

Travel Smart and Walking School Bus Plus

Walk to School Jamo

Warrnambool school children are wearing out the soles of their shoes in the Walking School Bus Plus and Travel Smart Program. With the TravelSmart Champions trophy encouraging more students to leave their cars at home, Warrnambool has seen an increase in active transport to and from school. Schools are writing travel plans which identify barriers to active transport and work with Council to find solutions.

Sustainable Transport Strategy

Warrnambool City's Council Plan 2009-2013 includes objectives which promote sustainable transport systems. As a result the Warrnambool City Council is developing a Sustainable Transport Strategy to increase the extent with which community members and visitors choose to use sustainable transport methods. A key focus of this strategy is how to make Warrnambool more Walkable.

For more information please visit the Warrnambool City Councill website www.warrnambool.vic.gov.au.

Walking with Warrnambool Senior Citizens Club

Warrnambool Senior Citizens Club have regular walks around Warrnambool on Tuesday and Thursday 9-10. This walking group are always looking for new members.

Contact the Archie Graham Centre for meeting places: 55647920 or wbool@warrnambool.vic.gov.au.

With a $10 membership the walking group is only one of many activities available for Senior Citizen Club members, for more information also contact the Archie Graham Centre on 55647920.

Walking Paths

There’s no better way to enjoy the coast and the countryside. Make it as relaxed or as energetic as you like and take in the fresh air and beautiful surrounds on your way.

Heritage Walk

3km Heritage Walk to some of Warrnambool’s most famous and attractive historic buildings. For more detailed information and a guide map see the Discover Warrnambool brochure available from the Visitor Information Centre.
Map and directions
Location: Warrnambool Central Business District.
Duration: One hour return

Promenade Walk

Promenade Walk

Warrnambool’s award winning Foreshore Promenade is a wonderful 5.7 kilometre track that stretches from the Breakwater along the coastline to the famous Southern Right Whale Nursery at Logans Beach. The promenade is very popular and you can walk, run, ride or skate along this scenic trail.

Thunder Point

Thunder Point Coastal Reserve, minutes from the City Centre and adjacent to Warrnambool’s main beach, offers some of the best coastal scenery in the area.
Location: Off MacDonald Street.
Duration: 30 mins return.

Mahogany Trail

The 22km Mahogany Trail walking track extends from Warrnambool to Port Fairy passing the possible site of where the Portuguese vessel, known as “The Mahogany Ship” reportedly ran aground in the 1500’s. Take a walk and see if you can unravel the mystery. A high standard of fitness/experience is required to complete the whole walk.

Some other walks

Shelly Beach
A rugged ocean beach, accessed via a walking track from Thunder Point.
Location: Off MacDonald Street.

Levy’s Point Coastal Reserve
Levy’s Point is a beautiful and often deserted surf beach, located to the west of the City. Excellent surfing and fishing, dangerous rips do exist. Access is via dunes.
Location: Off Swinton Street.

Historic Shipwreck Trail
Providing a fascinating insight into the region’s shipwreck history. Extending for 110 kilometres along the Great Ocean Road from Moonlight Head (near Princetown) to Port Fairy, the trail incorporate 25 shipwrecks marked by road signs and information plaques. While the wrecks cannot be seen from the shore it is easy to imagine the ships foundering in rough seas. Note that a high standard of fitness/experience is required to complete the whole walk