Active children are more likely to be active adults.

You’re giving your child a lifetime of good health simply by encouraging them to walk more.

Dr. Ben Rossiter, Victoria Walks

 Find a walk: Great Victorian walks for children

Walk with children for a lifetime of better healthDid you know that nearly 80% of children who live within 2km of school are driven both ways, every day? Parents proudly celebrate their children’s first steps as a major milestone. After that momentous occasion, most parental interest in walking falls away very sharply indeed.

Our society’s dependence on cars, ‘stranger danger’ and traffic accidents are amongst the reasons why today's children are no longer allowed to walk as much as we used to. The fact that adults also don't walk much doesn’t really create the expectation among kids that walking is a natural part of life.

Of all groups in the community, our reliance on cars as our main form of transport has perhaps had the greatest impact on our children – which is reflected in the rising rates of childhood obesity and respiratory illness.

Want to encourage your children to step out more often? The pages below offer information, tips and guides on how to incorporate walking into their daily life.