For Families

Walking is great for the whole family.

It can improve health, save money, and make neighbourhoods safer and more enjoyable places to live. Children who walk regularly concentrate better at school and feel more independent. The more walking you can do, the better!

Perhaps you feel too busy to walk, or that your street or neighbourhood is unsuitable for walking. Maybe you find it hard to get your children out of the house.

Smart Steps: for Families has some great ways to help. Check out these ideas, and enjoy walking with your family more often. 

Activity sheets for fun family walks

Add a bit of extra fun into your next walk to school or neighbourhood stroll.

Child-friendly streets

Understand how suitable your street and neighbourhood are for children to walk and play, and find out how you could improve them.

Walking to school

Find out how to start a local Walk Together Group, for walking children to school and to other destinations.

Remember these handy walking tips:

  • Help your child to become an active thinker in the road environment. You can do this by talking together with your child as you walk. Ask them questions about roads, signs, traffic and how and where we cross the road safely. For more ideas visit Victoria's road safety education website.
  • During the daily sun protection times, wear sensible clothing and sunscreen. For more information, visit SunSmart.
  • In hot weather, keep hydrated and rest in shaded areas.