Walks and trails in Bendigo

The City of Greater Bendigo has developed a range of maps and brochures to highlight local walks that take in the history, art and sculptures of the area. Ipod tours are available for walks marked with *.

Find more walks on Walking Maps. Highlights include: Explore your world on foot with Walking Maps

Explore Bendigo on foot

Central Bendigo Universal Access Map

Bendigo Universal Access MapUniversal Access Maps feature locations around the city that provide an opportunity for respite and access to drinking water during extreme hot weather.

The Access Maps include key destinations and landmarks, pedestrian routes/crossings including gradients, scooter/wheelchair recharge points, accessible public toilets, seating, drinking fountains and taxi ranks to name a few.

Maps are available for Bendigo, Heathcote,Eaglehawk and Kangaroo Flat.