Victoria Walks® is an evidence-based health promotion charity, leading the move for walkable communities in Australia since 2009.

We work primarily in Victoria, but increasingly nationally and internationally, to enable all types of walking – recreational, incidental and transport related. 

Our work builds on our history and strengths and we prioritise activities that will have the greatest influence on walking and walkability. We aim for scalable, systemic impact: anything we do on a small-scale or local neighbourhood level has potential for wider application. 

We offer leadership and independent expertise and make timely and evidence-based contributions to influence policy and practice. In everything we do, we demonstrate the critical role walking plays in our health, well-being and economic productivity.

Victoria Walks also undertakes consultancy work relevant to our purpose to promote the creation of walkable communities, and to help fund our community health promotion work.

Our vision: Healthier, connected communities through more people walking more every day

Our purpose: To influence investment and inspire more people to walk more every day

Our role:

  • To facilitate and inspire more walking throughout the community
  • To capture, translate and promote evidence on the impact and value of walking
  • To be a trusted expert, positively influencing decision-makers.

 Our impact, the outcomes we seek:

  • Increased walking participation – we see more people walking more every day throughout our community.
  • Demonstrable investment – meaningful action and investment from government at all levels and decision-makers throughout our community.

The Victoria Walks Strategic Plan sets out our agenda through until 2025.  

For a snapshot of our work, check out our latest Impact Report.

Victoria Walks® Inc. (A0052693U) is a walking health promotion charity, managed by an independent voluntary board (ABN 88419420305).

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