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Beautiful botanic walks, Melbourne and beyond

Best botanic garden walks in Melbourne,  Victoria and beyond

Why just go for a walk when you can go for a walk somewhere specifically designed to put nature's very best on display? Victoria is spoilt for choice when it comes to Botanic Gardens, so here's a list of some of the best the state has to offer, with maps identifying the most rewarding walking routes. Have fun, and please share these maps with your nature-loving friends!


Walking Map 3847, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne walk
The precinct surrounding the botanic gardens is the undisputed jewell in Melbourne's garden crown and it's all just a short walk or tram ride from Flinbders Street train station. 

This is a great walk for those who may feel a little overwhelmed by the gardens as it includes all the highlights; the Children's garden, ornamental lake, Guilfoyle's 'volcano', the Oak lawn, Terrace cafe and also some of the more spectacular themed gardens.

The pure botanists among us may also appreciate this alternative route that puts the gardens' plant species under the micorscope.

Also try: The St Kilda Botanical Gardens (a lovely 1.5km loop walk)


Walking Map 3916, Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne walk

Seen one botanic gardens, seen them all? Cranbourne's offering, established in the 1970s, is the place to get you thinking anew. Every path reveals a new vista, more stunning than the last (so pack a good camera!)

Cranbourne's focus is on native Australian plants rather than mixing it up with exotics. It's so beautiful and inspiring you'll leave feeling a new sense of pride in what this continent has to offer up.

As of early 2021 the gardnes are accessible by public transport with a free shuttle bus running between Cranbourne train station and the gardens three times per day. There's a link in the walk description in our map so you can book a seat!


Walking Map 427, Botanic Gardens Geelong

Geelong Botanic Gardens walk

Like Melbourne, Geelong's Botanic Gardens are a park within a park (Eastern Park) and this walk allows you to explore both in all their natural and manicured glory.

Geelong is one of Australia's oldest regional botanic gardens, with the government of the day setting aside land in 1851. Along with the lawns, sweeping paths and statues so familiar in many botanic gardens, Geelong also boasts an impressive rose garden, a salvia garden and has 36 trees listed on the Significant Trees register.


Melton Botanic Garden walk

Melton Botanic Garden walk

Melton Botanic Garden is a surprising find just a short drive outside of Melbourne's main metropolis. It features a large array of native plants and is particularly wonderful for those who love Australia's Eucalyptus trees as it has a wide range of varieties from across the continent not usually seen in Victoria.

Lovingly curated and cared for by volunteers, this garden featured on ABC's Gardening Australia program in May 2018. 


Walking Map, Wilson Botanic Gardens, Berwick

Wilson Botanic Park walk, Berwick

This lovely park hidden deep in Melbourne's south-east at the foot of the Dandenongs, is essentially a valley with one large lake and two smaller ones. The lakes are surrounded by a horse-shoe shaped ridgeline, giving the park its lovely 'hidden glen' feel.

While the park features beautiful flower beds, it's also a great walk for kids, with a playground, sensory garden and a chance to check out turtles. 


Dandenong Ranges Botanic Garden 

Formerly known as the National Rhododendron Gardens this is the place to lose yourself in year-round colour thanks to displays of azaleas, camellias and of course, rhododendrons!


Albury Botanic Gardens Walking Map 3552.

Albury Botanic Gardens walk

If you're spending time up near the Victorian and New South Wales border then the Albury gardens are a great place to stop and enjoy the great outdoors by the Murray. 

The gardens were opened in 1877 and have graced the western end of Albury’s CBD ever since. 

This walking route was mapped by Climate Watch and will help you to understand how climate change is impacting a raft of both native and exotic tree and plant species common in Australia such as the Jacaranda, and English Oak (pictured). 

Victoria's Regional Botanic Gardens

National Botanic Gardens walks, ACT, WA and QLD

Walking Map 3563, National Botanic Gardens, Canberra

Australian National Botanic Gardens walk, Canberra

Like the Cranbourne gardens, the national gardens focus exclusively on Australian native plants. It's a great place to see some of the continents most interesting and beautiful species and to learn about efforts to prevent their extinction.

This walking route will introduce you to some very unique plants including the native White Cedar, the tick bush and the Firewheel Tree, pictured.

West Australian Botanic Garden Walk, Perth

This is the must-do walk in Perth. It is in one of the most impressive botanic gardens in Australia displaying over 3000 species of Western Australia's unique flora. Two-thirds of the 400 hectare park is protected as bushland and provides a haven for native biological diversity.

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens walk

This delightful 2km walking route and information is based on Brisbane Council's own Botanic Gardens self-guided walk, which allows you to explore the park at your own pace. This is the Queensland capital's premier public park and most mature gardens, with many rare and unusual botanic species. Not to be missed!