Victoria Walks is recognised as the Australian expert on walking. Our team of experts, specialists and partner consultants work with local government and government authorities, property developers and other organisations with a stake in places where people walk for transport and recreation.

Our consulting services are designed to:

  • meet your transport, active living and public health targets;
  • plan for walking and more liveable communities;
  • create safer, more vibrant, walk friendly streets;
  • promote your natural assets and grow nature-based tourism; and
  • understand and respond to walking barriers in the community.

Victoria Walks undertakes consultancy work relevant to our purpose to promote the creation of walkable communities, and to help fund our community health promotion work.

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For general enquiries not related to our consulting services use our general contact form.  

What sets us apart?

  • We have a deep understanding of the needs of walkers.
  • The people you speak with are those who will do the work on the ground, working closely with you and the community.
  • We provide an independent expert voice.
  • We provide practical, detailed recommendations to improve walkability of streets and key community assets.
  • We draw on comprehensive research and up-to-date data, from both local and global sources, to inform and support recommendations.
  • We’re focused on providing solutions that address the needs of different parts of the community, including accessibility.