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Smart Steps for Councils ToolkitWelcome to Victoria Walks' online information toolkit for promoting walking and walkability across the full range of council activities and professional services.

Whether you're a town planner, engineer, recreation officer, transport planner or health promotion officer, this toolkit is a one stop shop for information on walking policy, planning, programs and infrastructure.

The toolkit links you to the best information from around the world, but it also highlights (often harder to find) information from Australia and Victoria.  It includes local case studies of successful projects that promote walking and better public spaces.

How does it work?

Each page provides higher level information and then links to more detailed material on particular issues.  We have been selective about the links provided to ensure you get the most relevant information without having to wade through a whole lot of extraneous material. The format is user friendly, but based on rigorous research.

General information

If you are looking for a broad manual on how to promote walking, the best local publications are: 

Staying up to date

Smart Steps for Councils Toolkit

We will continue to update our information as new material comes to hand.

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If you have any feedback on the toolkit, including any good resources or case studies you think we should include, we would love to hear from you.  Email info[AT] or call (03) 9662 3975.