What is walking like as we age?

As a young man in the army Dave Allen regularly ran 16km. Now, as an 83-year-old in Melbourne's outer east, getting around can be more challenging! Walking is Australia's most popular exercise, but is especially important for older adults to stay healthy and connected. It's vital our older neighbours and relatives feel confident and safe to walk.

Victoria Walks at Ciclovía in Bogatá October 2018

Since the 1970s, each Sunday and public holiday from 6 am until 2 pm many streets of Bogatá are closed for vehicles and opened for people. Participating is an truly amazing experience. Dario Hidalgo took Victoria Walks and the International Federation of Pedestrians on a bicycle ride.

Wouldn't this be amazing to have here?

Change to Walking 2017-18

Change to Walking was a pilot behaviour change initiative funded by VicHealth and delivered through Victoria Walks in 2017-18. n 2017-18 Change to Walking tested the effectiveness of specific ‘nudges’ to encourage walking for short trips to primary schools, over a six-week period between early May and late June 2018. 

More on Change to Walking. 

Ben Rossiter on ABC News Breakfast, 21 November 2017

Ben Rossiter being interviewed by Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland on ABC News Breakfast, 21 November 2017, discussing Victoria Walks research "Young People and Walking". The interview is about our research Young people and walking


What walking means to you

Our short interviews of some Melbourne walkers.

About our videos

We made these tongue-in-cheek series in 2009 to inspire all Victorians to make their communities better for walking.

The 5 episodes which run for about 90 seconds each, investigate people who are interested in particular neighbourhood walking issues. But, in every case their response to the issue results in some hilarious situations that won’t quite fix the problem.  

The final video "Walking in your neighbourhood", which stars Nicole Livingston OAM, explains what is a Walking Action Group and the types of things communities can do to make their neighbourhoods better for walking. 

We'd love to make more films, but we will need your support to do it. You can help by making a tax deductible donation here.



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Walking in your neighbourhood

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