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Do you want to understand how people travel in your municipality, and discover what will make your community more liveable for people walking for transport or recreation?

Whether you are planning a new development, assessing public transport usage or ensuring accessibility of your assets, our team of experts can help you investigate the issues.

As an evidence-based organisation, Victoria Walks undertakes in-house research projects and projects in partnership with external organisations and consultancies, addressing the gap in walking research. We can collect and translate data about walking, and guide your advocacy, policy development or investment to ensure value-for-money, walkable outcomes.

Victoria Walks is sought after by organisations to conduct research on their behalf because:

  • we have extensive experience in drawing insights from a range of datasets including Crashstats and the Victorian Integrated Survey of Travel and Activity;
  • we are able to directly gather data on community sentiment through cost-effective surveys drawing on our large social media following of more than 1250,000 people;
  • we have an exceptional record in gaining extensive mainstream media coverage of our research, helping to raise the profile of the issues we are focussed on; and
  • our strong reputation and networks open doors to direct conversations with agencies around Australia and NZ.

“Victoria Walks is very easy to work with and the quality of their work is exceptionally high. They're responsive,  knowledgeable, and credible as well. They were very amenable to working with us on the project and it went smoothly. We were able to have input to make sure it was covering the areas we wanted to cover, but it was still a very balanced report.”

Kieran McGrane - Market Development Director, Leadsun

Recent research projects

Victoria Walks has produced an extensive body of research both in-house and through collaborative partnerships with external consultants.

Lighting in Public Space: Research Paper (in partnership with Webb Australia Group; 32pp): We examined the evidence around walking and lighting in public spaces, with a focus on areas for informal use that are not covered by streetlight for Leadsun Australia

Getting to the bus stop (114pp) – We conducted a literature review, analysis of travel data, bus users’ surveys, bus stop audits, and stakeholder discussions to better understand walking access to bus stops and the accessibility, safety and amenity of the area for Bus Association of Victoria.

Pedestrian crash reporting: data and processes (43pp) – We investigated the data and processes used in Victoria to report pedestrian crashes for the Victorian Department of Transport.

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