Are you on a mission to get more people walking in your community, at your school or even within your own family? We've got lots of great resources for community members, for teachers and for parents on how to encourage your community to choose active transport.

Our Change to Walking 2017-2018 program report found that nearly one million car trips made in Geelong and Melbourne each week are to travel distances less than 1km. Transport for Victoria data has shown that one-third of people who drive to train stations live within 800 metres of the station.

VicHealth research meanwhile shows that only one in five kids aged 5-17 years get the recommended hour of physical activity every day. VicHealth CEO Jerril Richter said in reponse to our Change to Walking program: “Walking to school is an obvious way to boost activity but we know that about 70 per cent of parents who travel with their kids to school do so by car, even those who live within 750 metres of school.”

The reasons Victorians opt for car travel are complex but we believe much can be done to change our built environments to encourage higher rates of walking for both transport and for health. If you want to help promote better walking environments (safer and more convenient streets for walking) then our community section below has lots of great tips, including how you can start your own local Walkability Action Group. 

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