Supporting local schools

How can councils support school communities that want safer streets, and support young people and families to use active transport (walking and riding to school)?

Here are some great resources, and examples of councils that are supporting school communities to walk.

VicHealth Walk to School resources

VicHealth is currently providing resources for councils to support schools here.

The page includes a Walk to School communications kit to encourage school communities in your council area to promote walking to school (or walking part way!) instead of driving all the way to the school gates.

Also see the schools section (pp. 5-26) of VicHealth's Building Active Communties health promotion module for Local Governments.

Examples of council school programs (behaviour change to walking)

Merri-Bek Ride & Stride (including Open Streets) - ongoing

Maribyrnong City Council Active Paths Program - ongoing
Read a story about Maribyrnong's broader strategies to make streets safer for school kids

Change to Walking (Victoria Walks, Active City and various councils tested 'nudges' to increase walking to local primary schools, shops and train stations)