Walks in Wangaratta and surrounds

Wangaratta walks

Thanks to the Wangaratta Visitor Information Centre for mapping many of these walks!

Wangaratta Heritage Trail
A 5km self-guided walk to help you discover some of lively history preserved in various heritage buildings dotted throughout Wangaratta's beautiful Central Busness Disctrict. 

Bullawa Cultural trail, Wangaratta
A great family experience, you will snake 2.4 kilometres along the Ovens River discovering ancient Aboriginal stories, spirituality, culture, food, sculptures. There's plenty of interpretive signage along the track.

Kaluna Island loop walk (1.4km loop)
Close to central Wangaratta, Kaluna Island adjoins is bordered by the King River and one of its anabranches creating an island. Enjoy this short loop walk through remnant River Red Gum woodland.

Kaluna Park, billabong loop (450m loop track)
A very short walk but one that allows you to view another slice of this woodland, a haven for wildlife and indigenous plant species.

3 Mile Creek path, Wangaratta (3km-return shared path)
Thhis path meanders through parks, and links to schools, childcare centres and aged care, golf courses and the Waldara area. A very pleasant area to stretch your legs or take your pooch for a walk.

Mullinmur Billabong loop
There are three walking tracks located around the billabongs, with picnic seating along the way. The billabong comprises approximately 20 hectares of floodplain riparian woodland on the Ovens River and is located 2.5 kilometres north of the Wangaratta City Centre.

Mullinmur Billabong, Torryong Track (a 1.5km loop walk)
An alternative walk, look out for a range of wetland and woodland birds on the lovely loop walk. Early evening is a great time to catch a glimpse of Barking Owls, Sugar Gliders and Possums emerging from the large old trees that provide hollows and food for many species.

Wenhams Lane Bush Reserve

Walks close to Wangaratta

Pangarang Lookout walk (4.6km return walk)
A pleasant walk in the Warby Ovens National Park, past grass trees and other diverse indigenous tree-scapes to a Lookout with sweeping views.

Pine Gully Nature Trail, Warby Ovens National Park (2km loop walk)
As the name suggests, the locality is noted for its native Cypress Pines. See this alternative Pine Gully map for more photos and information, including the waterfall stop.

Sailsbury Falls walk (9km return)
West of Wangaratta, this track makes its way up Mt Warby and on through the Salisbury Falls Gorge before joining the Friends Track to Wenhams Camp, where basic overnight camp facilities are available. The track is steep in places with many stairs and a moderate level of fitness is required.
The track can be combined with the Alpine Views Track. There are some excellent views of cascades spilling down the escarpment.

Kwat Kway Lookout walk (Warby Ovens National Park)
This 3.5km return walk walk begins at Wenhams camp site within the National Park, east of Wangaratta. The lookout has lovely views of the Ovens Valley and Victorian Alps.

Friends Track
, Wangandary

Monument Hill walk, Eldorado

Reids walk, Eldorado

Powers Lookout (sort walk), Whitlands