'Superblocks' for Melbourne?

13 Apr 2018

Illustration by Elena Strelnikova

Tapas might not be the only Spanish on the menu for Melbourne, with Barcelona style 'superblocks' on the horizon.

Barcelona's superblocks are neighbourhoods of largely pedestrianised streets, bordered by a smaller number of roads that remain open to traffic. The concept is just one of the innovative ideas being floated by the City of Melbourne as they work on a new transport strategy. The Council is grappling with the need to keep people moving in a CBD that will soon be hosting a million people every day, so it is looking to prioritise walking over cars.

Other possibilities that are flagged in the discussion papers include:

  • A 30 km/h speed limit in the Hoddle grid and Docklands
  • Changing traffic lights to give pedestrians more time to cross
  • Removing traffic lanes and widening footpaths around busy train stations.

Victoria Walks has been working with the City of Melbourne and their consultants in the development of these ideas. Our Executive Officer Dr Ben Rossiter was interviewed by Seven News and Ten Eyewitness News.

“It’s about moving the greatest number of people in the most efficient and safest way, and that’s on our feet” says Ben.

The story was also covered by a range of other media including the Herald Sun and The Age,

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