Why is Laurimar thriving?

29 Feb 2024

We recently paid a visit to Laurimar Town Centre for our #LoveWalking project (see Clinton's story).

Laurimar is a subdivision of Doreen in the City of Whittlesea, and the town centre was developed 2005-2010.

The shopping strip is pleasant and feels safe for walking, with a wide range of businesses and well-connected walking paths from nearby residential streets, schools and bus stops. 

Most car parking is located behind the shops and services, leading to a calmer main street feel.

Fun fact: People living in Melbourne's middle and outer suburbs are 3.5 times more likely to walk to a mainstreet style shopping strip than to car-oriented shopping complexes (read more on this at page 4 of our 2019 research report  Walking and Transport in Melbourne’s Suburbs). 

For Professionals: Find a conference presentation from the developers of Laurimar here.

February's #LoveWalking stories
Clinton from Doreen and Maggie from Coburg shared how walking fits into their lives. 

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