Media gets A+

3 Oct 2018

Victoria Walks made a big splash in the media over the last year, with coverage worth almost $3 million.

We released our report card for the 2017/18 year at our supporters event yesterday, and media coverage was a real standout.

Including broadcast syndications, Victoria Walks generated 480 television, 370 radio and 98 print stories. They had a combined estimated audience reach of nearly 19 million people. The equivalent advertising spend that would be needed to reach the same audience is estimated to be $2,941,000. 

Other highlights included:

  • Release of our research on Young People and Walking, in partnership with the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria.  
  • Starting the 20 Minute Neighbourhood Pilot Program, with Victoria Walks undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the walkability of the pilot neighbourhoods of Strathmore, Glengala and Croydon South.
  • Delivered the VicHealth funded Change to Walking 2017-18 program, testing ‘nudge’ interventions to influence behaviour towards walking for short trips, with a focus on schools and train stations.

It was also a big year for our websites. Visits to the Victoria Walks and Walking Maps websites both increased by 80 per cent, thanks to greater emphasis on curation and presentation of articles, maps and information. People can now find suitable walks such as pram-friendly walks or walks in specific local areas more easily.

Check out more highlights in the report card.