Finding walks and creating maps to share now easier!

4 Mar 2021

We've made changes to our popular mapping website so it's easier to find walks in specific areas (search by radius). It's now also easier to create digital maps for walks where the trail may not appear clearly on Google Maps. 

With visits to Walking Maps growing each year we're dreaming of a time when people can find (and share) great walks no matter which part of Victoria or Australia they're in. 

If you've got a favourite local walk or holiday hike, why not map it for us if it's not yet available at the site? Download a walk tracker app onto your mobile (so you can easily upload your route as a GPX file) and don't forget to take some great photos of the scenery and your walking buddies. If you have any trouble get in touch! Anyone can make a map for free.

While you can find walks using your mobile device you will need to be using a PC to create maps.
Simply open Walking Maps from a desktop, and create a login. Then you can begin creating walking maps.

We're particularly keen to work with councils, visitor centres and other organisations to inspire walking for health and wellbeing, and to attract walkers to towns and the regions! Maps can be created by staff or by volunteers with a passion for walking and an eye for photography.