Have you been hit by a bike, e-bike or e-scooter while walking?

Shared paths are not great for walkers, or for cyclists.

Currently there are gaps in insurance coverage that can leave people out-of-pocket if they are injured by someone who isn’t covered by Victoria's Transport Accident Commission scheme.

Victoria Walks is advocating to the state Government to extend TAC coverage to walkers hit by people riding bikes, skateboards, e scooters and other mobility devices.

In the ten years from 2008 to 2017, 572 walkers were admitted to hospital in Victoria as a result of these types of collisions. Together they made up 5.3 per cent of all pedestrian hospital admissions. Victoria Walks is concerned that many more crashes and injuries are never recorded, and has created a form (below) to collect data and stories of people injured on footpaths or shared paths.

Please share your story with us to assist our understanding of the scale of the problem, and our advocacy for: improved design, enforcement of rules and better compensation. People hurt while cycling on shared paths can also use the below form.

Have you been hit on a shared path?

Victoria's extensive network of shared paths can be hazardous, for people walking and for those riding bikes. Please share your experience below.
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