Smart Urban Futures online conference 2021

Building back better to create liveable, walkable, sustainable communities

The 2021 Smart Urban Futures Conference was held online, on 21-23 April

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The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up our lives. Some changes will be temporary, others are here to stay. How can we build communities that will be successful and resilient, ready for ongoing challenges, where everyone has the chance to participate and thrive?   

This online conference will provide both inspiration and practical pathways for delivering smart urban futures, no matter how large or small the community.

Key conference themes:

  • building healthy cities
  • planning for road safety
  • equity in planning and street design
  • successful suburban centres
  • shaping communities in response to climate change
  • pandemic response and building back better
  • case studies of better streets

Keynote speakers:

  • Lucy Saunders, Director, Healthy Streets, United Kingdom
    Lucy put health at the heart of city policy in London. Healthy Streets is the framework of the Mayor’s 25 year Transport Strategy, a pillar of the London Plan (spatial plan) and part of all the Mayor’s statutory strategies.
  • Dale Bracewell, Manager of Transportation Planning, City of Vancouver, Canada
    Dale leads transport planning in Vancouver, one of the leading lights of integrated land use and transport planning in North America, with more than half of travel coming via walking, cycling or public transport. 
  • Ludo Campbell-Reid, Director City Design and Liveability, Wyndham City Council
    Ludo was previously General Manager of the Design Office in the Auckland Council, where he led the transformation of a number of CBD streets into people-oriented shared spaces. He was also the Founding CEO of Urban Design London (UDL).
  • Robyn Seymour, Deputy Secretary Network Planning, Department of Transport
    Robyn leads Network Planning, a new group within Victoria’s DoT that works towards simple, connected journeys across all transport modes. As the Head of Road Safety Victoria, she also leads policies and programs aimed to reduce the road toll. Robyn was previously Acting Chief Executive of VicRoads.

Conference presented by the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and Victoria Walks.

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